This song was written for SpinTunes 3 Round 2, BREAKING NEWS!

The challenge was to write a song based on a current news story.

This is based on the article: "Bank robber planned crime and punishment" by Diane Turbyfill


(1st Verse)
Seventeen years and they let me go;
they said "money is tight and business is slow"
I gave them my best yet, here I am
Looking for work, what did I expect?
Well, I lost my home and my self-respect
a hollow empty shell, a broken man
well, I got bills and I'm deep in debt
and I ain't got a yacht or a corporate jet
so I'm down to this last desperate plan


Been knocked down to the ground
still I ain't staying down
and Freedom for All
Up against what ain't right
found a new way to fight for
Independence and Freedom for All
Independence and Freedom for All

(2nd Verse)
Not of sound body but of sound mind
Scared of death but not of doing time
and it does no good to just complain
Just an old man but anyway
no one cares for my health if I can't pay
Feel I'm drowning going down the drain
there's a growth on my chest and my back's a wreck
and I can't write the doctor a big fat check
Lord I'd like to to be free from pain


from Ültra​-​Legendary Masters Series Vol. 1: Godz Poodlz, track released July 4, 2011
Written by: Rhod Durre and Russ Rogers




Godz Poodlz Minneapolis

Icon/Rock/Dad Band! Two neighborz and friendz unite to form “Gödz Pöödlz”! Gödz Pöödlz are Rüss Rögers and Rhöd Dürre. (Umlauts optional.)

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